N.H.C.C. Sunday Service: What to Make of the Middle East Situation

This Sunday (3.13.11) the topic of discussion will be the current situation in the Middle East, and feature the text from Daniel 11:41-43.  The discussion will include such topics as to what these events mean to Israel, the US. and what they may  mean to you and me.  The events transpiring in the Middle East will affect more than how much we will pay at the pump for gas, but could these be the events that will usher in the return of Christ.  If these events do signal the end, are you ready? Do you stand innocent before God? If you were to die today, would you spend eternity with God, or would your soul perish in an everlasting hell? 

With developments in the Middle East happening so quickly it is good to get a grasp on what God and his word have to say regarding this situation.

Music will include the following songs:  This Is The Day, Glory To His Name, Soon and Very Soon, Days of Elijah, and Create In Me a Clean Heart.

Service is at 10:30 AM at the American Legion Hall at 305 E, Bowie St.  Everyone is invited and hope to see you there

Pastor Greg T.

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