A Christmas Prayer

8616e5e3-f219-41c1-9b58-84e03430de22.jpegFour days until we celebrate Your birth, but I choose to celebrate everyday because everyday is a gift from you. I am so grateful for the gift of my salvation purchased at the cross of Calvary.

You have restored fellowship between you and me.  My sins are forgiven (Acts 13:38-39).  I have been adopted into the family of God by the blood of the Lamb.  (John:1:12).  You have given me eternal life.  I will forever be yours.  I will spend eternity with you.  What an awesome thought.  The good news is that salvation is not for a selected few, Salvation is for all people who repent and put their faith in you.  (Romans 10:13 & Acts 3:19)

Jesus I celebrate your birth for the reasons that brought you here:

  • You that people were lost and without hope.  You came to seek and save the lost from eternal damnation.  (Luke 19:10)
  • You came to conquer death, hell, and the grave.  They have no more power over me because of your resurrection.  (1 Cor 15:55-56)
  • You came that we may have an abundant life and cleanse me of my sin.  (John 10:10 & 1 John 1:9)

Father I thank you for making me your child.  You Jesus are the best gift of all.  You are the first and true Christmas present.


Your son


Pastor Greg T.

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