Sunday Prayer


Admire: Lord, you are our everlasting king. Your glory surpasses all generations. You have been given all authority over heaven and earth. You were obedient to the point of death, but even death could not conquer you. Even the grave could not hold you prisoner, nor could your enemies be victorious over you. You are truly worthy of our worship.

Admit: Though you are my King, I know you are worthy of my adoration and praise because of all you’ve done for me. You bought me with the price of your life. You took my sin, and gave me your righteousness . Forgive Jesus when I try to live for myself, and not for you.

Aspire: Lord today I make a conscious choice to live for you. To listen to your voice in the quietness and solitude of prayer. Once you give me your loving guidance and instruction, I will obey through the power of your Holy Spirit. As you prayed in your darkest hour in Gethsemane: “Not my will , but thy will be done.” I too pray not my will but thy will be done. In your loving Name I pray. Amen

Pastor Greg T.

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