My Weight Loss Journey So Far

Philippians 4:13(NLT)

13 For I can do everything through Christ,[a] who gives me strength.

 About six months ago I weighed 261 pounds.  I have type two diabetes, and my doctor wanted to put me on insulin.  Shocked and scared, that news became my wake up call.  I asked my doctor for one more cycle to improve.  If I showed no improvement, I would go on the insulin.  Reluctantly she agreed.
I joined a place called:  “The Gym” in Del Rio Texas where I live.  My wife joined also for support, and to lose weight.  I would like to give all glory to God for the transformation I am going through.
In those seven months through the grace of God I have gone from a 44 inch waist to a 38 inch waist.  I no longer wear XXL shirts.  I now fit into an xl.  I am stronger and can run 3 miles without any problems.  My weight has gone from 261 lbs to 233 lbs.  It is my goal to lose  23 more pounds.
I will not lie to you it has not been easy.   I have had to change my diet, and focus more on a healthy lifestyle.  The rewards have been worth it.  God is so good.
Pastor Greg T.

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