A Special Thanks to the Members of N.H.C.C.

Holy Week was a very hectic time for me.  Between work and church,  time was a precious commodity.  So at this time when all the events of the past week have subsided, I would like to thank everyone at New Hope Christian Church.

I express my thanks to the leadership team.  To Pastor Mark, I say thanks for your teaching ministry and for taking care of our youth.  Pastor MiYon thank you for helping with the music.  Our Resurrection Day service was a special one in big part to you both.

To my brother Pete, thanks for being a big part of the ministry team.  Every week you get better and better on guitar.  Great job this past Sunday.

We has a breakfast before service on Sunday and I would like thank by name the following folks.  To Veronica for making the moist and delicious cupcakes.  I saw the rainbow design and they looked and tasted great.  To the Rodriguez family for bringing the menudo and all the fixings.  I had two bowls when I got home.  Muy rico!   To my mom for making some awesome potato, egg and cheese tacos.

To everyone who attended our Resurrection Day services, thank you for worshiping with us.  It is our hope that we made your day a little bit brighter.

Most importantly I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is because of HIS death and resurrection that we can celebrate and rejoice.  We have the free gift of eternal life because of HIM.  To God be the glory.

thank you and God Bless

pastor greg

Pastor Greg T.

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