Christmas at N.H.C.C. 12.25.11

We at New Hope Christian Church joyfully invite you to join us for our Christmas Evening Service at 7:00 PM.  The church is located at 700 S. Main St. in Del Rio, Texas.  Come worship with us as we commemorate the birth of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Planned events for our  Christmas Service are the following events,

  • Music will include the singing of many of our favorite Christmas Carols
  • The message will be a two-fold blessing. We will be showing the Greg Laurie video: “Red, The Color of Christmas”, and pastor greg will be sharing a short devotional on the topic:  “White, The Other Color of Christmas” from the text in Isaiah 1:18.  The message will be a double blessing.
  • The lighting of Advent Wreath, followed by a short reading.
  • Our service will close with the celebration of Communion.

Our service which is held on Sunday morning is cancelled so families can spend time together celebrating this great holiday.  We will close Christmas with our service at 7:00 PM.

Until next time, from all of us here at New Hope Christian here in Del Rio, TX: “Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad,

Pastor Greg T.

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