America: Land that I Love

Today (07.04.11), I would like to wish America a very Happy Birthday.  In my opinion this is the greatest nation on earth.  Many people criticize and belittle my country (in some cases the criticism is warranted), and I have heard many sermons on the subject of the need for us to return to God or face his judgment. Denigrating my country seems to be in vogue these days.

Today I want to celebrate the good in this country and its people.  No country has sent out more missionaries to preach the gospel than America.  We have liberated others from tyranny, and have also rebuilt those we have vanquished.  When tragedy and natural disasters hit abroad, we are there to donate and rebuild.  Our poor are among the richest in the world.  America is not perfect, and it never will be.  We have had to fight off slavery, racism, and bigotry, but we have moved forward.  But America is good.  We are always trying to be better as a nation.  As long as we continue to honor God and his word, we will be blessed.

What are your thoughts?

Happy 4th of July

until next time

continue to pray for our great nation

pastor greg t.

Pastor Greg T.

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