July 4th @ New Hope Christian Church

Join us this Sunday 07..3.11 we will be celebrating the birth of our nation.  Please join us at the American Legion Hall @ 10:30 AM at 305  E. Morin.

Pastor Mark will be bringing forth the message.  He will be speaking from the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 1, verses 31-33.  He will be speaking on the subject of God fighting for us and giving us the victory.  In the same vein God will not let us fight for him if there is sin in the camp of his church.  Also some of this country’s greatest military victories have come because men have prayed and sought the Lord before going out to battle.

Join us for a great time in the LORD as we celebrate the  birth of our great nation.

Music will include the following songs:  I’m Gonna Sing, I Saw The Light, This is The Day, Come Thy Fount, and Here I Am To Worship

If you like country music, you will love our church

pastor greg t.

Pastor Greg T.

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