Theology in Country Music: Father’s Week. Daddy’s Hands

This coming Sunday (06.19.11) is Fathers Day.  A few weeks ago I viewed a men’s conference  video that was held in  Austin.  The speaker mentioned a statistic that made me do a double take because I had trouble believing that it could be true.  The speaker said that only eighteen percent of children live with both biological parents. ONLY EIGHTEEN PERCENT LIVE WITH THEIR BIOLOGICAL PARENTS.  What happened?  Where have all the fathers gone?

This will be the topic of discussion during the next few posts?  It seems that “Daddy’s Hands” cannot be found around the home.  The video that you have seen is about a dad who cares for his children.  A dad who is home.  a dad who loves and disciplines the kids given to him by God under his care.  It seems that many men today have abdicated their positions as fathers, husbands, and the head of the house that God has ordained them to be.  To those who have a good dad.  Treasure and appreciate him because this is a rare thing in our society today.

To those whose dad is not home, cannot be found, or if you have lost a dad take comfort in the fact from Psalm 68:5

God is a father to the fatherless. He is a defender o the widows. God makes it known that he protects the weak and disenfranchised and that they have place in his kingdom.           

To those who are not blessed with a dad at home, take these words to heart and allow God to be your dad.  Let his hands love you, hold you, care for you, comfort and discipline you.  The hebrew word for father is “Abba” which means literally “Da Da”.  God wants to  be your daddy, let him.

until next time

pray: “Our daddy who art in heaven”

pastor greg t.

Pastor Greg T.

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