This Sunday @ N.H.C.C.: Mothers’ Day Picnic

This Sunday (05.22.11) at New Hope Christian Church we will be having our Mothers Day Picnic honoring all the moms in attendance.  We always hold our picnic after Mothers Day because everyone spends the actual day taking their moms out to eat and celebrate.

The menu will feature Pastor Greg’s world-famous BBQ chicken, and Bro. Lupe’s famous hamburgers right off the grill.  Join us for a great time at Rotary Park right next to Brown Plaza on the San Felipe Creek.  Service begins at 10:30 AM.

Pastor Mark will be sharing on 1 Samuel 15: 22-14.  It is the story of Saul offering a sacrifice after he had sinned against God.  The message of the story is that it is better to be obedient to God, then say you are sorry later.

The sermon will be shared by pastor greg, and is entitled “From Worship to The Water” and will be taken from the scripture in Matthew 14: 13-33.  The sermon will deal with the topic of serving God and living by faith.  After the miracle of feeding the 5000, the disciples wanted to stay and enjoy the praises of the crowd, but Jesus put them into the boat.  Great winds tossed the boat about and the disciples thought they saw a ghost walking on the Water.  It was Jesus.  Peter eventually tried to walk on the water too, but fell in after he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the storm.  Sometimes during our trials and tough times, we lose our focus.  We look at the problems and are overwhelmed, instead of looking to the author and finisher of our faith.

Music will include, Lord of the Dance, Alive forever More, Hush Now, He is Lord, Power in the Blood, and How Deep The Father’s Love for Us.

Join us for a great time in the Lord,

until next time,

God bless,

pastor greg t.

Pastor Greg T.

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