Mother’s Day @ N.H.C.C.

This Sunday May 8, 2011 join as we celebrate Mothers Day at New Hope Christian Church.  Service will be at the American Legion Hall located at 305 E. Morin, and will begin at 10:30 AM.  Every mom in attendance will receive a gift to honor and thank her for commitment to her family and children.  We have a great serviced planned for Mothers Day Morning.

Pastor Mark Moreland will continue his devotional on 10 traits of a convert of Christ.  Join us to find out what they are.

The Message will be given by pastor greg.  The title of the message is: ” The Warrior Mom” and will be taken from the Bible story of Deborah and Barak which is found in the book of Judges 4: 1-24.  In today’s society we have many men who are like Barak.  Men who refuse to take their rightful place as head of the house.  With abdicating their responsibility God raises up women like Deborah to fill the gap and lead.  This Sunday we honor the Warrior Mom.  The mom who chooses to fight, whether married or not, for her family and what God has given her.  We honor the mom who despite obstacles and hardships decide to move forward and battle for her family.  We honor all moms, because all moms are warriors in their own right.

Music will include:  Power In the Blood, Lord Of the Dance, Thou Art Worthy, How Deep The Father’s Love For Me, and

Mom I Love You

Hope to see you there,

In the words of Mr. T. “Treat Your Mother Right.”  Funny Video

pastor greg t.

Pastor Greg T.

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