G.O.L.F and God: Trust Yourself In The Sand

Trust your swing

In golf,  if your ball goes into the sand in can either  be a blessing or a curse.  A ball in the sand can bring about unneeded anxiety to the novice golfer.  Even the terms used for the word “sand” can be intimidating.  The sand is called a bunker, or sand trap.  To the more experienced golfer, however, the bunker is not dangerous but can be an opportunity if the shot is executed well.  The truth is the bunker shot is one of the easier shots in golf.

Sometime’s we end up in life’s bunker or sand trap and we can feel intimidated.  In golf,  if you trust yourself and your swing the sand trap does not have to be a dangerous place.

Before I learned to hit sand shot correcty, the bunker was an intimidating place for me.  I would dread hitting out of the sand.  Sometimes it would take me two or three shots to get out of the bunker.  Sometimes I would hit incorrectly and fly the green altogether.  One day as I was reading a golf magazine I learned how to hit the ball out of the sand.  The magazine said I should dig into the sand to have a good base to hit the ball.  It said I should open my club face to create more loft.  The article also said I should not hit the golf ball, but rather hit an inch behind the ball and hit the sand first.  It would be the sand that would propel the ball out of the sand and not the club.

he next day at the course I implemented what I had read.  I dug in, got a good base, opened my clubface, swung and hit the sand.  The ball flew out of the bunker and landed nicely on the green.  With practice I improved my bunker game.  Today I am confident when it comes to hitting the ball out of the sand.  The sand shot makes you do some things that do not seem natural, but if you trust your swing you will have a good result.  Instinct tells you to hit the ball, but proper technique tells you to hit the sand and not the ball.  Instinct tells you to swing back and forth, proper technique tells you to swing out to in.

Trusting God is like a sand shot.

  1. You have to read your Bible like I read a golf magazine to know what to do.  The Bible is God’s word and is full of wisdom as to how we should lead our lives.  When we get in the sand traps of life, the Bible tells us how to get out.
  2. Faith and trust in the word of God sometimes tells us to do things that go against our nature.  In order to live we have to die to self.  In order to be prosperous we have to be givers.  The least is the greatest in God’s kingdom.  If you want to be great in his kingdom you have to be a servant
  3. When problems come your way remember the bunker shot and trust your swing.  You have read His word, now apply it.
Pastor Greg T.

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