Bible or Facebook, Which Do You Love More

If you have a smart phone, I Phone, I pad, I Pod etc.., then you probably have one or more of the social media apps like Facebook, or twitter loaded your phone.  If you do have these type of apps then we can honestly say we look at them many times throughout the day.  During our break  times at work, school, or any time during the day we look at our FB app to see what Muffy is up to.  We want to see the latest status update that Biff posted.  There is nothing wrong with looking at Facebook. I look at my app several times during the day.

Then  I read an article by Pastor John Piper, I got convicted.  How many times do I open my Bible app?  Today I have decided that if I open my FB or Twitter app on my phone, then I will also open my Bible app too.  It is my goal to memorize more scripture for the rest of the year.  If I can be interested in what my friends are posting on FB, then I should also be interested in what God is posting in his word.

My prayer, dear reader, is that you too will accept this challange.  If you do not have a Bible app may I recommend the “You Version” and the “Daily Bible” app.  Both are free and both are easy to use.  John Piper’s site Desiring God also has an app for $1.99.   To make things easier for me, I have placed my Bible app right next to my FB app on the home screen of my phone to remind me to read God’s word. 

We look at our FB app to see what our friends have to say, let us also look at his word to see what our LORD has to say.

Until next time,

God Bless

Pastor Greg T.

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