Do You Wish You Had Blue Eyes?

It has been written about Amy Carmichael the famous Christian missionary that  as a child she often prayed to Jesus for blue eyes.  Amy had brown eyes, and her prayer was for Jesus to change them to blue.  She was disappointed when it did not happen.  How many of us are sometimes like the young Amy?  We wish we looked different or had what someone else had?   We feel inadequate with what God gave us , and we want what  he gave others.

As an adult she (Amy) became grateful that God had given her brown eyes because of the ministry she had in India.  Her brown eyes allowed her to be  better accepted in the culture than if she would have had blue eyes.  Amy had a powerful ministry in India.  She would rescue girls sold into sexual slavery to the Hindu temples which Hindu men would frequent. 

The point being is that we should not worry about what we do not have.  Instead we should be grateful of what we do have. What we may see as a weakness God can use as a strength. 

Until next time,

God Bless and use you for his glory

Pastor Greg T.

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