Cowboy Sunday

February is Cowboy month at NHCC. This sunday 02.20.11 the sermon is “The Ride”. It is a comparison of the rodeo event of Bull Riding and the Christian and unchristian life.  Life can sometimes be like riding a bull.  We usually think we can ride this bull called life with no problem.  We feel no matter how rough the ride gets, we can still  be in control.  Sometimes life,  like a bull in the arena, can can throw us to the ground.  It is then that we need someone to help us so the bull doesn’t destroy us.  In the cowboy’s case it is the bullfighter, in our case it is Jesus Christ.

Songs that will be sung are Blessed Assurance, Amazing Grace, A New Name in Glory, In the Garden, and Uncloudy Day.  Hope to see you there at the Ramada Inn of Del Rio at 10:30 AM, Sunblossom Room A

On Monday I will continue my discussion of the current situation in the Middle East.

God Bless,

Pastor Greg T

Pastor Greg T.

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