In Memory of Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis and her husband Sam were shot  in Mexico, and may have been targeted because of the expensive truck they were driving.  They were stopped at a drug cartel roadblock.  They decided to run the roadblock when the cartel opened fire on the couple with automatic weapons. Nancy was shot in the back of the head and died and went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday 01.26.11 in a US. hospital. Her husband was shot in the side and managed to drive at full speed the 70 miles needed to get to the US border.  Nancy and her husband built churches in Mexico for 38 years.  Her funeral was in McAllen, Tx on Sunday  01.30.11. 

Nancy died fulfilling the great commission of our Lord to go and preach the gospel to all nations.  Please pray for God’s peace to be with her family during this time of grief and loss.  We also pray for the forgiveness and the conversion of the those who committed the murders.  We pray for revival in Mexico.  May God use this nation for his glory.

Pastor Greg T.

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