Praying Together

Today we discussed the importance of praying together as a united body. All week the LORD has been dealing with me about the topic of prayer.  He has confirmed this in my heart in many ways. Sunday I spoke on the topic of prayer, the men’s devotional I read also dealt with the topic of corporate prayer.  I have been reading abook by Charles Swindoll  about reawakening the chruch. the first chapter I read also dealt with prayer.

At Wednesday’s service we dedicated the last 20 minutes to corporate prayer.  It is our (the church’s) desire that we do so on a weekly basis.  Though we are a small church we are believing God for growth.  Specifically we want people to come to our church who do not know Christ.  In fact we want every church in our city to experience growth through evangelism, rather than from chruch hopping Christians. 

Please use this week to draw nearer to Jesus through prayer.  If you need something to pray for look around you.  There are people who need and covet your prayers.  Pray for your loved ones, your church, your pastor, your coworker, your neighbor, your sufferring brother or sister in a foreign land, pray for yourself.  Write me back and tell me how it goes.  I do not know if it was Bounds or Wesley who said: “God does nothing but in answer to prayer.”  God bless you in your prayer time this week.


Pastor Greg T.

Pastor Greg T.

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