GOD Gave Us A Mulligan

Golf can be a very legalistic rule driven game.  There are strict rules for just about every situation you can face on the golf course.  In many cases if a rule goes against you it can cost you a penalty stroke that adds to your score.  There are many times I have hit the ball in the water or hit it out-of-bounds.  In those cases I have to asses myself a penalty stroke.  There are times however, when I am playing that my partner gives me a mulligan if I make an error after hitting the ball.  A mulligan is a do over.  One of my playing partners will tell me: “Hit another one, get that bad taste out of your mouth.”  A mulligan is not in the rules of golf.  The rules of golf tell you that you have to take a penalty stroke.. A mulligan is given by your partner to you.  It is a chance to hit the ball over and hopefully with a better result.  He does not have to give you another chance, but he does. 

Life’s walk can be this way.  The rules are set, and if we make a mistake or an error we have to pay the penalty.   I believe there are times in life that if a rule is broken than we have to accept the consequences.  There are also times where we have to give someone another chance.  We have to give them a mulligan, a do over, a chance to achieve a better result.  After all Jesus gave us a mulligan.   We all deserve to end up in a devil’s hell because we are constantly hitting the ball out-of-bounds. (We are sinners).  Yet , he sent Christ  to die on the cross for us. Jesus is our mulligan.  He has given us another chance to restore our relationship with God.  Will you accept it today?  John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  The Pastor Greg translation reads.  God knows that we constantly hit the ball out-of-bounds, in the water, or sometimes slice it badly.  God does not want us to have a bad round, so he offers us a mulligan to help preserve our good score.”

  A mulligan is undeserved.  Your playing partner gives you a mulligan out of the kindness of his heart.  Gods gift of salvation is undeserved.  He has given us his son out of his love for you.  Accept him today as your LORD and Savior.  God bless you all (G.O.L.F.)

Pastor Greg T.

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